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Palazzo Sant’Anna is located at Piazza Ghiaccio, in the historic central area of Trapani. It is a building with four floors and a courtyard in the middle. You will be led inside through a stylish entrance gate with all security features including an electronic door entry system. This wrought iron gate opens into a spacious and stylish foyer. The foyer will be furnished with a brick bench decorated with antique tiles, an original historic vessel filled with flowers, and restored white ceiling beams. A significant advantage of the whole building is the aesthetically constructed water cistern in the basement, which serves all three apartments by way of pumps.

The whole building is undergoing a complete yet sensitive reconstruction. An attractive metal staircase will be created in the communal areas leading up to a private rooftop for the 4th floor apartment. This staircase will be flanked in places by treated original stonework fitted with spectacular lighting elements. The windows surrounding the staircase will be structurally enlarged and glazed in such a way that sufficient daylight reaches the staircase. The ceiling part of the communal areas above the staircase with an exit to the roof will also be fitted with large-format glass to achieve a perfect illuminating effect. The façade will be a pleasant light coffee colour with lighting on the individual period balconies. These will be adorned with custom-made railings from the workshop of a precision Sicilian blacksmith to unify the style of the railings in the communal areas, balconies and foyer entrance gates.

In the house of Sant’Anna you will magically enter the atmosphere of another time, in the complete Sicilian style of freedom, at a central and well connected location near the city’s seaside district.

The property is just 5 minutes from the central pedestrian area of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the city’s main thoroughfare, and just a 5-minute walk from Spiaggia delle Mura di Tramontana beach.

Trapani, known as the city of salt and sailing. A land where history, culture and nature intertwine, the whole province of Trapani gives life to something unique: steep cliffs alternate with vast beaches, but also archaeological remains and small villages with the most authentic of traditions. The city itself alternates between monuments and churches, palaces, fountains and squares. The port, which has undergone various changes over time is the important central point.

Trapani is located 90 km west of Palermo. The weather here is favourable for 9 months of the year. The historic centre of the city is bordered by the sea on both sides. With 72,000 inhabitants, Trapani is the 5th largest city in Sicily and one of the starting points for travelling around the island thanks to its Airport. Birgi International Airport is just 20 minutes from the city centre.

Trapani is also the departure point for all boats and ferries to the popular Aegadian Islands, and is close to the resort of San Vito lo Capo and the ancient remains of Segesta. It is possible to rent a motor boat or sailboat in the harbour. Rentals include full information on cruise options to nearby islands and beautiful bays.

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